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The taste of freshness combined with our generation-to-generation recipes are our trade secrets.

Ultimate dining experience like no other
our history


Our first family-owned restaurant was founded in 1930 in Burgos, Spain. During the Spanish Civil War, Don Manuel Benito, creator of the emblematic Manolo churros, and his family immigrated to South America. There, the family settled in Montevideo, Uruguay, where the brand became an icon. As time passed by, after endless days and nights of hard work, The Family established the Manolo trademark throughout the Americas: Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, Argentina and today in the USA.

Always with the constant balance of high expectation and characteristic flavor profile, the specialty recipes have been handed down from generation to generation insuring that our traditional name, Manolo, continues to strive in order to satisfy our valued guests’ needs and tastes. Our ultimate goal is to always provide our customers, even those with the most demanding palates, with the best quality products and impeccable service.





7300 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33141

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Rivadavia 2371
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Argentina
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Boulevard Maritimo y Castelli
Mar del Plata , Buenos Aires Argentina
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Leandro N. Alem y Almafuerte (Interseccion)
Mar del Plata,Buenos Aires Argentina
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